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Current Events in and around DetroitEdit

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Rosa ParksEdit

Ms Rosa Parks, a leader of the civil rights movement in the United States, died 24 October 2005. She was buried 3 November 2005. See the Wikipedia article on her life.

Major Sports EventsEdit

  • All Star Games July 2005
  • Superbowl 2006

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Elections were held on August 2nd. The mayorial race is down to a run-off between the incumbent, Kwame Kilpatrick, and Freman Hendrix, who got the most votes in this initial ballot. The deciding votes will be made on November 8th, 2005.

The City Council incumbents who ran will all be on the run-off for council.

Despite a great deal of outcry when the state of Michigan took over the school board, when control was returned to the city voter over one third of the voters did not cast a ballot for any school board candidate.

Detroit NewspapersEdit

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